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Sun Cooking: Cookers & Ovens

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Solar cooking is an alternate method for those that don't want to have to keep a stash of fuel on hand. When using a purchased Solar Oven , you'll find it can be used to cook everything from appetizers to entrees using only the power of the sun.

Solar cooking does not limit you to simply baking. With a solar cooker/oven you can boil, steam, and roast food at a temperature of 360 degrees F.

Often compared to a 'box cooker' made out of a box and aluminum foil, a manufactured solar cooker offers more features aside from the fact that it is constructed out of more efficient, long-lasting materials. Manufactured solar cookers/ovens also:
  • Capture the maximum amount of energy
  • Achieve highest temperature possible
  • Retain the greatest amount of heat
  • Minimizing the weight
  • Low or no maintenance other than cleaning
  • Can be used when there is less sun
  • Food is cooked faster

While some may find that the initial cost of purchasing a solar cooker-oven is higher than expected, the longer life and multiple features help defer the cost over the years when calculated on a meal-by-meal basis.

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