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Another option for storing items, especially for those with little or no 'extra space' and no garage, would be to purchase free standing cabinets and shelves. The area where these items would be used should be considered before making a purchase. Will it be visible to visitors? Is it easy to access? What type of items can be stored there?

For areas inside the house or garage, the space where the cabinet or shelf will be placed should be measured for footprint size. If the storage unit is inside the house, whether or not the item is to be part of the room decor should also be given thought. Will it blend in with the existing furniture? In this case, while we want our storage to be useful, we also want it to look as nice as possible and blend in.

If using open shelving, there are many decorative baskets, boxes and containers available to hold items and then placed on a shelf to look attractive. Cabinets don't have this problem so less consideration needs be given to the items stored - unless the doors are glass.

When looking to purchase shelves, consider the use. They can be utilitarian or decorative. Utility shelves of metal or rubber coated wire most often can support heavier supplies, but may not be as attractive. For shelving such as this, a laundry room, mud room or garage may prove to be a better location. If purchasing more finished shelves in a wood product, these can easily fit into almost any room as long as the shelf contents are orderly.

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