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Storage for items that don't have any special requirements can be almost anywhere you have extra space. The one exception to this would be an attic, unless it is finished out with a floor, sealed walls and good ventilation. The more common places to convert into storage might be:

Under a staircase - For homes with a second story, the space under the staircase offers good storage. If the space is large enough, shelving can be attached to the walls, small shelves can be installed or boxes can be stacked there.

Under a bed - Use this space for flat items, or items that can fit into one of the storage containers designed to fit under a bed.

Benches - While they offer limited storage space, they can be used to hold items such as flashlights, extension cords, batteries, first aid supplies and other small items.

Trunks - These are good for storing emergency clothes, sleeping bags, paper goods, and bulkier items like portable radios, larger battery operated lanterns, and a few packets of freeze-dried food.

Garage rafters - can be used to hold paper goods by installing a floor or by the use of hanging racks.

Storage cabinets can be built in the garage by using the open space around the edges. Build them with the thought of storing non-perishables or with shelves for holding file sized boxes. These boxes can then be used to hold various items. Be sure to label the boxes with contents.

Having cabinets in the garage is a good place to store those tubs of items necessary to run a generator. And, for those non-builders out there, consider using large metal shelves in this space.

Lofts in outside buildings or sheds - if tall enough, any outside shed or building can have a loft - partial or full. This gives purpose to a lot of otherwise wasted space.

Storage - shelves or cabinet - can be easily achieved in unused areas with little effort. Cabinets built in existing space can be constructed using plywood and a few 2x4's even by those with limited experience. For books filled with storage plans for the home and garage, visit Amazon.

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