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Reflector Oven Cooking

The Reflector Oven is not only an easy way to see what's cooking but also to adjust the baking conditions. This basic principle of an reflector oven is that it uses 'bounced' heat to cook, thus allowing the targeted placement of heat. So, regardless if you're baking bread, pies, cakes or other foods, you can adjust the reflector oven to exactly what you need.

The most common reflector oven is the folding kind that can either be set-up or broken down in just a few minutes.

The best fire for a reflector oven is not coal but rather one that is relatively high and blazing so the heat is thrown into the slanting reflector top and the bottom of the baker. Regulation of the temperature is accomplished by moving the reflector towards the fire or away from it.

Note: If you don't have a reflector oven, heavy-duty aluminum foil can be used with a grill to accomplish almost the same results by reflecting heat to the top of the dish while the basic cooking comes from below and behind.

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