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Other Uses for Vinegar

Vinegar comes in many different varieties, however, if you're looking to have vinegar for uses other than cooking, get either white vinegar or apple cider vinegar. The following are just a few non-traditonal uses for vinegar.

  • Rejuvenate old sponges by soaking them in a vinegar bath for 8-10 hours. After that time, rinse in clean water and allow to dry in the sun.

  • An old favorite is to use newspaper to clean windows, but spritz with vinegar first and your windows will shine.

  • For showerheads or faucet aerators that have become clogged or crusty with mineral deposits, remove the part and soak in a solution of water (1 quart) and vinegar (3/4 cup) for hour. Rinse and replace.

  • Clean linoleum or tile floors by mopping with a solution of 1 cup vinegar to 1 gallon of water.

  • Clean copper bottom pans by wetting with vinegar and sprinkling salt. Lightly rub the surface to remove tarnish, rinse and dry with clean towel.

  • Use full strength vinegar to remove mildew buildup from rubber seals in refrigerators that have been unused.

  • Help clean the drains and help freshen unused dishwashers by running cup vinegar through the Rinse Cycle Only with the dishwasher empty. Rinse by running another cycle of clean water through the coffeemaker. Repeat rinse process until no vinegar smell is detected.

  • Help clean salt residue from winter boots (leather or vinyl) by wiping with a cloth dipped in a solution of 1 tablespoon vinegar and 1 cup water.

  • If painting a metal item, wipe the surface with a solution of vinegar water - ratio of vinegar to water is 1:5. This may help clean any oily residue from the surface and keep the new paint from peeling.

  • Full strength vinegar has been used to help loosen glued joints of furniture when refinishing or repairing. Use a Q-tip or eye-dropper to apply vinegar to the specific area.

  • Vinegar can be used full strength to remove rust from tools, nuts, bolts, screws, etc. Place them in a sealable jar filled with vinegar. Let them sit overnight, the wipe or brush rust away. Should the vinegar become cloudy before items are to be removed, replace with fresh vinegar.

  • Remove mildew from shower curtains or tents by wiping the affected area with a cloth dipped in vinegar. Allow to dry in sun.

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