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Other Uses for Household Bleach

Survival sometimes means using products for purposes other than their original intent. Salt is one common product that falls into this category.

  • Use salt to clean dishes when water isn't available. Just sprinkle and rub over the surface to remove food particles.

  • Clean copper pans by pouring a small quantity of vinegar over the copper area, sprinkle with a small amount of salt, rub to remove tarnish, rinse and dry.

  • For small grease fires in the kitchen you can use a handful of salt to put out the flames of a burner or oven. It is best to have a working fire extinguisher on hand for safety and never hesitate to call for help.

  • Some mineral deposits can be removed from glasses by wetting the area and rubbing with salt.

  • Use salt water to help relieve tooth pain. See a dentist as soon as possible. (3 tsp salt to 1 cup water)

  • If you need to conserve water by washing all laundry together, try adding cup salt to the wash cycle to prevent colored items from running.

  • Salt may in some cases be used to remove blood from clothes made from natural fibers, i.e., cotton, by soaking in cold salt water for at least one hour. Wash the stained item in warm water with detergent as usual.

  • Use salt to soak up spilled oils (in the home or garage), wait about fifteen minutes and sweep up.

  • Clean rust from items such as metal furniture, tire rims, etc. by making a paste of lemon juice and salt (6 tbsp salt + 2 tbsp lemon juice). Apply paste to rusted area and rub with clean dry cloth. Water can be used to remove the paste if water will not damage the item.

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