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Financial Survival

Being financially prepared takes some long term planning to have enough stability to be able to survive a short term emergency situation. For those that have budgeted their income and have developed a structured savings plan using . . .
  • Various financial instruments, i.e., bonds, Certificates of Deposit,etc.
  • Investments in the stock market
  • Bullion gold and silver
  • Traditional savings accounts . . . .
when the time comes to prepare for an anticipated disaster, it is much easier if you have monies to fall back on.

In the event of a disaster or survival preparation, consider the possible situations you may be dealing with:

  • Bad weather prevents traveling to bank
  • No gasoline (supplies have run out)
  • No electricity (for operating ATMs or other banking equipment)
  • No banking services available (no personnel)
In any of these situations, you would not be able to get extra cash if needed. This can be solved by keeping a reasonable amount of cash on hand. Consider the denominations of the bills. Have enough variety that you can may exact payment if needed.

Any cash should be kept in a secure place (home safe, lock box, etc.) and under no circumstances should anyone other than necessary members of the immediate family living in the house have knowledge of it.

For more information on protecting your cash and valuables, visit this link.

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