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There is much to consider when planning for survival. We've taken a look at some of the primary considerations but there are other things to plan for. One needs to think about pets and their needs. Also, finances should be addressed. If you cannot get to a bank, do you have enough cash at home to survive until mainstream business gets back to normal. Do you have a way to keep your cash safe? In other words, do you have a safe or hidden storage space.

Do you have items you could barter if necessary? For example, extra food products including staples like sugar and flour, cigarettes, batteries, gold, silver bullion and even gasoline.

Caution: Any stored gasoline should always be kept in a state compliant gasoline container. These containers should be kept in a location away from the home and any exposure to heat or fire. If stored for any length of time, a product such as Stabil should be added to prevent the gas from breaking down making sure to follow manufacturer's directions.

Have you thought about and planned on how you might grow your own food? Having a garden or green house already planted or ready to plant for the next season means you will have fresh vegetables to eat. Do you have all the proper tools needed? Enough seeds? Fertilizer? A way to water? Do you have a composting area set up and working?

There is so much more to being totally prepared to survive a disaster - any disaster - than just have a couple of days of food, water and a package of batteries for the flashlight. Each home will have different requirements depending on their location, family members, possible medical conditions, pets or livestock and available budget. However, when preparing for the worst, you'll find that even if not needed, you'll find non-survival uses for the items you stockpiled in certain situations.

For more topic specific information on camping, pet care, and planning for your financial survival, visit this link.

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