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Home Insulation
Types, R-Value & Specs

  • Blanket Insulation - rolls of insulation typically sold in a thickness of 1-7 inches. Usually have strips for stapling insulation and a vapor barrier. Best used where there are no obstructions and the run is long, i.e., between floor joists, unfinished attic, or between rafters in a roof.

  • Batt Insulation - short 'blanket' cuts typically in lengths of 4-8 feet. Good for space between studs. Batts without strips for stapling can easily be squeezed into areas.

  • Rigid Board Insulation - typically in standard sizes of 8 inch squares to 4'x12' panels. Panels of foam should not be left exposed or covered with wood paneling but rather covered with gypsum wallboard.

  • Loose Fill Insulation - useful for filling open flat spaces or for blowing inside covered walls/floors via an access hole. Requires a vapor barrier and may settle over time requiring additional insulation be added.

Materiall Form R-Value* CommentsView Products
(Bonded Logic Inc)
Panels 0.85 Cost effective noise control; can easily be removed; no fiberglass.
Cellulose Rolls, Loose Fill3.70 Good for areas with small access; non-irritant.
Flammable unless treated.
Denim Batt 19.00 Textile fibers; sourd absorbing; ideal for anywhere batt insulation is required; non-irritant.
Double Reflective Insulation (Radiant Barrier) Roll 3.7 - 21.00 Good for HVAC ducts, knee walls, water heaters. Assorted RB Products
Fiber Loose 3.70 Eco-friendly; flame resistant; can be applied over existing insulation; noise reduction; blown into small areas. DIY Insulating Books
Fiberglass Loose3.30 Fire-resistant.
Use caution when handling; irritant to eye & skin.
(Owens Corning)
Roll13.00 Formaldehyde-free; easy cut.
Foamular (Owens Corning) Boards5.00 Interior only; moisture resistant; easy installation
(Fiberglass Boards)
House Wrap HousewrapN/A Eliminates drafts; breathable water barrier.
Perlite Loose Fill 2.70 Easy to use in hollow spaces, i.e., walls.
Absorbs moisture.
Polystyrene Rigid Boards3.40 Good for exterior walls, below-grade floors, moisture resistant.
Highly combustible; dents easily.
Rock Wool Rolls, Loose3.30 Fire resistant.
May cause irritation to skin.
Urea Formaldehyde Foamed into Place4.45 Good for exterior walls; fire resistant; high insulation value
Professional installation required.
Urethane Foamed into Place5.30 Best insulation efficiency.
Professional installation required; noxious gases if ignited.
Vermiculite Loose Fill 2.00 Good for spaces in hollow blocks or walls.
Absorbs moisture.

* R-Factors are approximate. Consult your local DIY store or contractor for specific information.

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