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Gunshot Wound Basics*

No one wants to think they'll need to tend a gunshot wound, but when thinking of survival, such a wound might happen if hunting game for food or if you find yourself in a situation of protecting yourself or your family. In order to be prepared consider having the following supplies on hand - making sure everyone who might need them knows where they are located and how to use them.

The main concern is to stop the bleeding by applying pressure with your hand if the bleeding is not in the arms or legs. If the arms or legs are involved heavily, apply tourniquet above the bleeding - tight enough to stop the bleeding; then apply local pressure to the bleeding area. Periodically move the tourniquet each 10 minutes until the bleeding has stopped.

The list below is equipment typically used by military and EMT's. Some of the equipment may come in a pre-packaged kit, but assembling your own kit ensures you have the best products on the market.

Molle Kit or pouch large enough to hold your medical equipment. Everyone in the family should know where this kit is located and how to use it.

Compression Bandages or large surgical dressings to help control heavy bleeding apply local pressure

Gauze - several sterile gauze rolls (3-10) for wrapping and compression

Medical Tape - surgical tape that comes in 1" and 2" widths. Have extra rolls on hand.

Gloves - emergency gloves in Nitril. These come powdered and non-powdered.

Surgical Dressing Scissors - these should be angled to allow for cutting away of clothing from wound with blunt end on one blade - rounded end on the other blade.

Long Tweezers (7" +) - in stainless steel for removing foreign material from the wound. Only foreign material on the surface should be removed. No prodding of the wound should be made as this may cause or increase bleeding.

Tourniquet - SOF Tactical Tourniquet SOFTT-NH. Everyone who may use the tourniquet should read all instructions BEFORE using the appliance. If no tourniquet is available, apply belt for tourniquet.

Blood Stopper - there are 2 types you may want to have on hand. Celox granular agent comes with a plunger that can be used on gunshot wounds without having to use a tourniquet. For less serious wounds, ChitoGauze. The primary way to stop bleeding is pressure. When applying pressure, do so long enough to stop the bleeding.

Wound Wash - saline product for cleaning and washing the wound. Also can use soap and water after the bleeding has stopped.

Hydrogen Peroxide for sterilizing hands and tools. DO NOT use Hydrogen Peroxide on the wound.

Halo Chest Seal - buy one that where you get 2 in the pack. Depending on the wound, you may find you need one the front and one on the back.

Nasopharyngeal Airway - Allows for breathing should the airway be damaged. This is best done by an EMT or doctor.

Heat Packs - for warmth to help keep the victim warm instant heat packs can be used on the chest area and the thigh near the femoral artery to help keep them warm. If heat packs are not available, use mylar blankets as they will help keep what little heat the body is producing from dissipating. Keep the wound exposed so you can visualize it - DO NOT cover the wound.

The victim should receive professional medical attention as soon as possible since antibiotics will be needed to prevent infection. They may also need an IV to replace body fluids or blood depending on the severity of the wound.

No one wants to think they'll need such a kit, but with the situation in the world today you'll be glad you're prepared should the worst happen. Items mentioned above are available for further review from the widget below.

* User understands that this article is offered for information purposes only and is not approved by any medical professionals as treatment for amy gunshot wound. In any instance where someone has been injured by a firearm, the only action to be taken is to seek immediate professional medical help.

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