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Dutch Oven Cooking

Looking for the most, well-rounded utensil for camping? Then look no further than the closest Dutch oven. The best one is constructed of cast iron, however, one made of thick cast aluminum will work equally as well. When shopping for a Dutch oven look for one that has a recessed or flanged cover that will allow you to place hot coals on the top while the bottom is resting on the hot coals. A curved top will allow the coals to slip off.

Adjusting the heat can be accomplished by the placing and adjusting the quantity of hot coals used. And, it is very easy to check on the progress of cooking by lifting the lid and looking at the contents.

It should be noted that the Dutch oven should never be placed directly over flames but rather use only on hot coals.

A Dutch oven will allow one to bake almost anything that you could bake in your home oven. This includes cobblers, cakes, breads, biscuits. And, don't forget that using a Dutch oven also allows the cooking of other dishes like stews, chicken, steaks, roasts and casseroles.

The care of a Dutch oven is easy but important. Before the first use a Dutch oven -or any cast iron utensil for that matter - should be seasoned. This is done by

  • Preheating
  • Rubbing with butter or cooking oil
  • Wiping off excess with a paper towel

This same process can be used to clean or season any cast iron utensil. Washing your cast iron utensils in water is not recommended. However, if you must wash, dry completely to prevent rusting, and then re-season.

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