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Troubleshooting Home Dishwasher Problems

ProblemPossible Source
Dishwasher starts, buzzes but does not operate
  • Jammed impeller - make sure no utensils or dishes are in the way
  • Water outlet strainer clogged
Makes noises while operating
  • Dishes are placed incorrectly and are loose in rack
  • Item to be washed has become dislodged by water
  • Machine is not level
  • Utensil/dish may be in contact with spray arm
Water spots or film on dishes/glasses
  • Are you using detergent recommended by manufacturer?
  • Water temperature too low (adjust hot water heater thermostat)
  • Does the rinse agent need to be replenished?
Dishes not drying
  • Water temperature not correct. Check manufacturer's recommended temperatures.
  • Inlet valve leaking
  • Dishwasher set for wrong dry cycle
  • Machine loaded with too many dishes or dishes have become 'nested'
  • Heating element not working
Dishes not clean
  • Wrong detergent - use manufacturer's recommended detergent
  • Dishes not precleaned properly or completely
  • Incorrect loading
  • Water temperature too low
  • Clogged water lines - check and unclog
  • Clogged fill-valve strainer - remove and cleanBroken detergent dispenser - check and clean latch
  • Check that correct cycle has been selected
Water does not enter/machine does not operate
  • Door latch not correctly latched, door not completely closed
  • No power - check circuit breaker, fuses
  • Push-buttons may not be fully pushed in, or dial not on exact mark
  • For portable machine: water may be turned off
  • Water pressure may be low

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