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Aluminum Foil Cooking

Aluminum foil cooking lends itself well to 'package' cooking - indoors or outdoors. In fact, with the ease and convenience offered by using aluminum foil, it is sometimes the better method.

Aluminum foil used for 'package' cooking should typically be the best, heaviest quality you can get. Using top grade aluminum foil will provide the best seal, resulting in the best cooked foods. However, if you don't have heavy duty, wide foil on hand, you can either layer lightweight foils to prevent puncturing or seam the edges together by folding to make a larger sheet.

Other benefits of using aluminum foil are:
  • Lightweight compared to cast iron utensils
  • Low cost
  • East to move
  • Quick clean up


  • The heavy-duty foil is best to use as a cooking wrapper.
  • Add spices, herbs to food prior to sealing the 'package'.
  • Wrap securely - this is necessary for food to cook properly, so make sure the package is sealed tightly to retain steam and juices. This also keeps out dirt and any ashes.
  • Have tongs for moving foil wrapped packets to avoid burns.
  • Use caution when opening hot food packages so as to avoid injury from hot juices and steam.

There are no exact directions or times regarding how long to cook your foil-wrapped food. However, you'll find that with practice - this includes having the fire equal each time, as well as the portions - you'll learn exactly how to prepare mouth-watering foil wrapped foods.

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