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When we moved from the city to the country in 1998, our eyes were opened to a whole new world. We found there were no more quick trips to the grocery or hardware store. We also learned that when the power goes off, or you loose your water supply for several days, you are at best "challenged to survive".

This is especially true if you no where else to go until things get 'back to normal'. We started thinking... what if everyone were to experience these same outages at the same time? No water. No electricity. No food. What would you do? Not much if you weren't prepared.

Since those early days of country living, we've been preparing to survive any event. This includes having extra food stored, an idependent means of energy and learning new skills to make home repairs as well as preparing meals without the benefit of modern conveniences. We have also made plans to have extra medicines on hand where possible, and additional pet products, plus we're learning to grow some of our own food in a garden - and then store it.

Home Survival Handbook is our way of sharing what we've learned over the years. It is not intended to present everything one might need or want to have available in case of a survival emergency . . . or just make life a little easier, but is our opinion of what is important to us. Each individual must make their own decisions what is necessary to prepare for survival based on their own needs, family commitment and budget. We hope you find it of some value - but moreso, hope you never need it.

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