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8 Types of Emergency Fuels

  1. Gasoline - stored in proper containers gasoline will be needed to run any gasoline engine - including your car. For fuel that you plan to store - or for gasoline in a vehicle that is not run regularly - consider using a product such as Stabile to maintain the integrity of the gasoline. View Approved Gasoline Containers>

  2. Gasoline Blends - these are products where a special oil has been added to gasoline. Use of gasoline blends is usually used in equipment such as chain saws, mowers, etc. This type of fuel can be mixed by the user by adding a specified amount of oil to gasoline or it can be purchased pre-mixed at some stores.

  3. Diesel- this fuel will be needed if you have any vehicles or generators that run on diesel. It should be placed in a container designated specifically for diesel so that it is not confused with any gasoline products you may have stored. View Approved Diesel Containers

  4. Propane- canisters of propane should be kept full and safely stored for use with outdoor grills, heaters or generators. View Propane Products & Accessories

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  5. Kerosene - used for many years in kerosene lanterns and lamps, this is an old stand-by if you use wick-style lamps. Like gasoline and diesel, it should be stored in a good, air-tight container as it will evaporate. View Kerosene Lamps

  6. Sterno - is a fuel made from denatured, jellied alcohol. It typically comes in a metal can and is burned directly in the can. All sterno products should be kept sealed air-tight. This product can be used to cook or heat food. View sterno (canned heat) products or the new 'Stove in a Can'.

  7. Wood - if you have a wood burning fireplace, cook stove, or BBQ grill, keep a supply of good dry firewood on hand. And, don't forget the weatherproof matches.

  8. Charcoal - good for outdoor cooking only. Charcoal should never be used inside the home or any enclosed space (tent) as it gives off harmful fumes. Keep charcoal on hand along with charcoal starter to use for camp-style cooking and grilling.

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